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About Us

We're here to make a difference, two friends Omar Amir & Oliver Strubin decided to make something special, which is known today as Unify Holdings. The pair have worked on many different things together in the last 8 years but this is the most ambitious project they have ever done.

Omar Amir, originally from Dubai but now residing in India is the brains of the company. Everything you see from our website to our brands he has organised to make what you see today.

Oliver Strubin from England is the person with all the ideas. Things you see from Unify Holdings have mainly been thought of by Oliver. Together, the pair have been through many ups and downs but this won't be the last stop on their journey. Please keep an eye out on this page, as we expand we will be adding more to keep you updated.


omar amir

Omar Amir


oliver strubin

Oliver Strubin